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Pyrenees Atlantiques

The Pyrenees Atlantiques department is the southernmost part of the Aquitaine region, bordered by Spain, the Pyrenees mountains, and the Atlantic coast. This area is steeped in history and culture, being home to both the Bearn and the famous Basque Country. The cities of Pau, Bayonne, and Biarritz are the main urban centres, each offering unique historical and cultural landmarks. Pau is known for its formidable Chateau and as the birthplace of King Henry IV of France. Bayonne boasts Roman fortifications and the 14th Century Cathedral of Sainte Marie, while Biarritz is a premier seaside resort on the Cote Basque.

After the death of Henry IV, the area was attached to the Kingdom of France in 1620. The Bearn mainly consists of the valleys of the Gave d'Oloron and the Gave de Pau, which are famous for their excellent salmon and trout fishing. To the East of the Bearn are the vineyards of the Jurancon, and the mountains boast three ski resorts which offer skiing for all levels.

Architectural Heritage

From historic chateaux to elegant manor houses, the Pyrenees Atlantiques offers a diverse range of luxury properties. The architectural styles are influenced by Basque, Bearnais, and Moorish cultures, making each property unique. SIFEX specialises in offering such distinctive and luxurious properties in this captivating region.

Outdoor Activities and Culture

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a culture aficionado, the department offers a plethora of activities. From skiing in the Pyrenees to sailing on the Atlantic, the area is a haven for outdoor activities. The Basque people, known for their passion for rugby and rich tradition of male choirs, add to the area's unique cultural fabric.

Main Cities

The department is home to several significant cities, each with its own unique charm. Pau, the capital of Bearn, is a sophisticated city with fine shops and the Musee des Beaux Arts. Bayonne, where the Adour meets the Nive, is the capital of the region and is famous for its smoked ham and chocolate. Biarritz, a principal resort on the Cote Basque, gained recognition with the arrival of the Empress Eugenie and has a variety of sporting activities.

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