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"Our hunt for a historic home in France began almost nine years ago from Singapore. Sifex were the logical people to help us as with Sifex there was no language barrier and we found the site simple and easy to navigate. All our on the ground viewings were organised to perfection even when flights were delayed and we were 'lost in France' they remained calm, composed and helped us enormously. Sifex are very professional and they had fabulous relationships with the french local agents. We would not hesitate to recommend Sifex to anyone on the same journey. They are the best in the field and a pleasure to deal with"

Linda Heath- March 2024

“I have been on the lookout for a property in France for quite some time now, and throughout my search, Sifex has consistently proven to be my go-to destination. Their extensive selection of properties across France, paired with their exceptional support, has made my property search journey not only more efficient but also enjoyable.
One of the standout features of Sifex is their impressive portfolio of properties across France offering a diverse array of options to cater to different tastes and preferences. This extensive range of properties ensures that there's something for everyone, regardless of their unique requirements.
What truly sets Sifex apart is their commitment to providing outstanding customer support. The Sifex team under Tanya Andrews goes above and beyond assisting with inquiries, questions and help set up complicated itineraries for visits. Their dedication to helping clients navigate the often complex world of real estate is highly commendable. Whether you are a seasoned property buyer or a first-time investor in France, the Sifex team ensures that you feel informed, supported, and confident in your decisions.
Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting your journey, Sifex is a reliable ally to have by your side. .”

Anne Summerton - Sept 2023

“I have been searching for a property in France for some while and Sifex has been my constant go-to site for its wide range of properties across France and superb support with my search. The team at Sifex not only provide excellent information on each property, but assist with all enquiries and questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a property in France.”

Graham Matthews - August 2023

“Sifex is a wonderful resource for finding your dream property in France. We worked closely with their agents, who were up front about the cost and the services included in their fee. For our exploratory trip, Sifex's agents coordinated with French real estate agents to create a customized schedule for us to tour properties of interest. We had a hassle-free trip due to Sifex's conscientious attention to our schedule. They were deeply interested in learning our desires and needs so that they could give us the best possible experience. You get what you pay for; Sifex is a premium service that provides excellent results. Highly recommended.”

Luisa Perkins - January 2023

“I am not usually given to writing reviews but seeing those here makes me wonder whether people just write nonsense because it makes them feel better - people get your facts right before putting fingers to the keyboard. I have had dealings with Sifex for more than two years and I can say that they are definitely NOT a restaurant, they NEVER charge for arranging viewings on properties and they absolutely DO have permission to list every single property that you find on their website. I have been property hunting in France for more than two years and I can honestly say that Myriam - with whom I have dealt throughout that time - is an absolute gem. She has been incredibly helpful in arranging visits on very many properties that I have viewed at an especially difficult time (at the times one could travel during the pandemic) which, having organised many for myself, is not as easy as you imagine. The French property market and its agents are nothing like those over here in the UK. Sifex is thorough, liaises well with the many agents with whom they have built excellent relationships over the years and are very supportive in helping you navigate the complex property laws that abound in France. If you are thinking about buying a property in France then start with Sifex - they have great properties listed and will save you the time-consuming effort of dealing with loads of different agents when trying to put a timetable of viewings together.”

Andrea Sylvester - July 2022

“I highly recommend Sifex for anyone looking to buy property in France. I had been looking at Chateau in France for years online and Sifex was always ready to help with information along the way, so when I decided to make the trip to France to view properties in person I worked with Myriam at Sifex to arrange the 6 showings and plan the itinerary.
Then when I decided to make an offer on my chateau Sifex made the process very easy, directing me through the French process, referring me to a Notaire and banker that they had used with previous expat clients.
It all went so smoothly despite what can often be a complicated process. Having Myriam and her colleagues always available to assist in English even though I speak and read french fluently gave me the confidence to know that I wasn’t missing anything.
I have heard stories from friends of the process of buying in France especially in another language to be daunting. If something is not handled correctly the whole process can be delayed significantly. My experience was nothing but complete ease.
I would (and have) strongly recommend Myriam and her team at Sifex to anyone looking to buy property in France.
@chateaudemolante ”

Cheryl Bozynski - June 2022

““Since we had such a good service from Sifex previously we are keen to use your services again to find our perfect home so we will definitely be keeping in touch as our journey progresses." N.M.”

Another happy Sifex client - March 2020

“"Thanks again for your outstanding customer service & friendliness.””

The Sifex Customer Service - a kind compliment! R.P. January 2020.

“"Sarah, hello, and thank you for the follow up. You were a Gem to work with. Thanks so much for all the interest and input you offered. Best to you, Van"”

Appreciation. V. Phillips. January 2020

“"Thank you for your email. I have to say what a lovely company you are - so conscientious and altogether a pleasure to deal with. “”

A Kind compliment. E Warner-Reed. October 2019

“"We really recommend Sifex if you are looking to buy somewhere beautiful in France, they were so helpful and really went out of their way to answer all our questions and find us the perfect place."”

A recommendation - Murray-Playfairs - Autumn 2018.

“We dealt with Alison who was absolutely outstanding and couldn't have been more helpful in organising viewings and providing us with information while working what appeared to be all hours. She was incredibly helpful. Many thanks again for all your help.”

R. Cattell - May 2018

“A very Happy Christmas to you too Sarah and we hope 2018 will be a wonderful year for you and all your staff, we regard sifex as a Treasure! ”

A Christmas Compliment - D. Bergin. 19.12.2017

“Sifex is the agent I have focused on. Your website is far superior than any other I've looked at so I've stuck with you for the last 3 years when searching and learning about properties of this scale.”

Nicole Borg 1st August 2017

“Sarah is the most pro-active and helpful property agent I have come across in my life. She goes into great effort to provide as much information as possible and to probe with very relevant questions. Her knowledge is abundant and she goes beyond call of duty. We will be in touch if our thinking, or general situation changes.”

A. Lesiak July 2017

“Dear Sarah Thank you for this and for your support.The final agreements and everything took something of a Herculean effort from Kirsten to whom we are most grateful We are enjoying living in our 'manoir' now, and have started on the many little renovations.”

R.Taylor. December 2016

“Sarah guided us and assisted us with exceptional service throughout our negotiations. We recommend Sifex without hesitation.”

Heath Family. Singapore. April 2016

“We are very happy with our purchase and with the service you provided!”

D. Westerdale. Yorks. September 2016

“By the way, having looked around several different sites I have to compliment you on the way you have the Sifex website set up. Big pictures, clear entries - pages not cluttered with other adverts. I think this is absolutely how it should be done.You set the standard. The Sifex site is the way it should be done (and examples of how not to do it are everywhere).”

R. Main, E. Sussex. - January 2016.

“I found your website to be excellently set forth, and wonderfully easy to navigate, with the particulars well presented. I have been following your pages, both online and on youtube, for about two years, and have found it consistently my preferred source regarding the possibility of seeking a chateau property in France.”

R. Corrick. U.S.A. January 2016

“We are very excited about the house. It seemed to be the one from the first visit but we did need to look at the others we booked. We drove a total of 2500km in 5 days, we were exhausted. We are looking forward to spending time in our new home. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was very appreciated and all turned out well. I hope you get some rest over the Christmas holidays and enjoy your new granddaughter.”

McCaw Dubai December 2015

“Thanking you for the superlative service in securing our Chateau. Sarah Francis ran the extra mile, coaxing, cajoling and providing great encouragement through all the complex negotiations. She had our best interests at heart at every stage I am writing in response to the great kindness and wonderful help that Sifex offered, and if you are interested in purchasing in France, make sure Sifex is your first port of call. ”

N. Jones UK June 2015

“We are delighted to have secured the wonderful Chateau we had for so long hoped to own. The path was rather long and tortuous, with two false starts along the way, but we succeeded in large part due to Sifex. The Sifex team gave us every support along the way, providing us with a wealth of in depth information on the various properties we were interested in. This allowed us to make informed decision on which properties to view, and just as importantly ,which properties not to view. On our last visit, it was Sifex that took the initiative to call the French agent to confirm that the sale of the property we lost to another bidder had completed. It hadnt and we were able to purchase our first choice after all. Thank you for your invaluable assistance”

I.Cox April 2015

“Thank you so much for your e-mail and kind wishes. It really is such a jewel but we looked so hard for 18 months with 8 visits! It was soo worth it. We did have a good experiance with you guys!”

Newman/Strawbridge. U.K. (Escape to the Chateau!) January 2015

“Thank you so much for the excellent service you gave us in our search for our perfect Chateau. Filtering our original wish list of Chateaux down to the few genuinely possible candidates that ticked our boxes, organising a sensible and achievable schedule of appointments with helpful agents and providing us with honest background information, all combined to help us to make the right decision in the limited time available. We are delighted with our choice and expect to enjoy many years in our beautiful French home.”

A. Mullinger U.K. December 2014

“"By the way - love dealing with you. Your style is great, direct and open. "”

C. Steelberg. November 2014

“Thanks Angela ...... You really have been a star - thanks so much of all your efforts. Regards, Bruce ”

B. Eccles. S. Africa. April 2014

“I know this may appear to be an excessive selection, but it is only 12 details which I have already whittled down from your extensive & excellent Website & the one lesson I learned from my trip to Canada was the importance of planning”

R. Mitchell . U.K. March 2014

“Congratulations on having the best site for chateaux on the net. ”

L. McGregor. France. October 2013

“Thank you for all your patience and hard work. We finally moved in on the 11th. The mayor and the local community are extremely hospitable. Everything really has turned out better than expected. We all love our new home.”

Mr W. from Somerset. November 2014

“Thank you very much for helping us find it! Your input and your connecting us to Michael were essential to this enterprise, as at the early stage were were not quite clear where we wanted to settle. It turned out that St Emilion was best suited for what we had in mind and Michael was a great guy to show us around. In fact, as we progressed from one visit to the next we ended up focusing on a property that was not what we had originally dreamt of buying. so here we are! we are very excited. if you are ever in "our neck of the woods" do come and visit. we would love to meet you and show our project. ”

July 2012 G.S.

“I continue to check your website on a weekly basis. it's my favourite French property website (I have my own viewing selection). ”

Melling May 2012

“I saw this ad on your very good and buyer friendly web site! ”

M. De Montjoye April 2012

“Congratulations on your website: it is by the far the most interesting and user-friendly property site I have browsed in ages. ”

Mr. Denman August 2011

“Thanks for your good wishes and again for all your patience and kindness. As I have said before, it is a delight to have the help of such professional, courteous, efficient, informed, patient and relaxed people, such as yourself and your agents. We will not hesitate to recommend Sifex wherever we can; you were and are wonderful. Please feel free to use this endorsement, though I doubt you need it!”

Dr C. Heard March 2011

“Ive maintained a profile on your site for a few years, now. Your site is the best representation of French property that I have seen, and I have looked long and hard, so kudos to you. ”

J. F USA January 2011.

“I believe at this point I have to do my research and start booking the hotels to let the vendors know about our possible meeting points. I will also most likely be contacting them once in France to ensure we have proper directions and in case if our hotel / accomodation plans change. I will surely keep you posted as always. You're the best !!”

V. Daniyar USA November 2009.

“I certainly do have the link and will check up, but I think that gentle sounds good- and, by the way, you are extremely knowledgeable on a huge variety of subjects, unbelievably professional and very helpful! ”

B. Lott August 2009.

“Thank you so much for all your work in making arrangements for us to view properties and being available to answer our questions. It is very much appreciated and it is still my hope that we will at some point move forward with your services.”

M.Pusch May 2008

“"Appreciate so much your hard work and efforts on our behalf. .....when people turn to us for advice which they will do -we will tell them that Sarah Francis and Sifex must be their first port of call."”

Phillpott family April 2008.

“Sounds great Sarah, you are a massive help, please guide my journey arrange the visits and if possible send us an itinerary.”

E. Francis April 2007

“I am very often checking your site and have to admit, that is the best organised internet site available ”

M. Kempisty February 2008.

“We will wholeheartedly recommend Sifex to any who will listen and take this opportunity to commend you personally on your professionalism.”

Myers November 2007

“I will go back to your website and keep on looking - your site is great and I hope to find our dream-home! ”

S. Bohrmann October 2007

“Thanks for all your help, Rebecca -- it was what enabled us to consider looking in France. We are delighted with our pending purchase, and very happy with Aude's services.”

W. Morneau June 2007

“I am much looking forward to owning one of these properties in time. Finally I would like to say that of all the websites that I look at, yours seems to have the best selection and information.”

J. Nunns July 2006

“I'm just using your web site - I can't be bothered with wading through all of the other agents when yours is such a comprehensive selection.”

Andrew July 2006.

“" The Chateau is everything we wanted it to be and the co-propriete people think we are wonderful (at least so far). The Vendor really did put a lot of his own effort into the property and he obviously cared about it. It is in better condition that what it at first appears.Our kids start school just down the road tomorrow.They are really excited. Thanks for all of hard work. Sorry it was so complicated.If you are ever down this way, please drop in. We are about 30 minutes from the Tours airport. warm regards"”

C. and D. Clemence May 2006.

“I have met lots of people who also are interested in buying property in France,so I have given them your e mail........ as you have been most helpful ! so maybe they can also find their dream house with your company !!!!!!”

J.U. Monsen Norway

“Thank you for your message. You really are delightful to deal with, and we do appreciate your efforts on our behalf. Your messages are always informative and encouraging, which is exactly what we need to hear.”

Mr Thomas March 2006

“As always, we have been very impressed with your efforts and determination coupled with that definite "can do" mentality. Given our brushes with French bureaucracy, we have concluded you are certainly the right person to be doing the job you do!”

Brunton famiy February 2006

“I was just thinking how close this property comes to what I had originally outlined to you in November, and how nice it was to work with people who didn't try to talk down our expectations when things got tough. Many thanks to you and your agents! ”

L.Lynch January 2006

“"As you may have learned the castle in Poitiers is now ours !!!I would like to thank you very much for your broker activities . In this case. It was a great help to know the circumstances around this sale and I am sure that through your information the right offer was made."”

T. Hoogland January 2006.

“We have never forgotten how well you looked after us 7 years ago when we were planning a full time move to France. You prepared the most amazing itinerary for us and introduced us to some excellent properties and agents.”

Mr I.A.Smith August 2005

“You are by far and away the most efficient agent in the game - keep it up!!”

J.W. March 2005

“ I ever get the big hit on our state run lotteries, I plan to take a closer look at the Provence area of southern France. Sifex continues to have an outstanding, user-friendly, website.”

Mr .Crombie July 2003

“Thank you for all your help and for sending all the fantastic properties, I have a number of friends who are interested and have recommended yours as the best site.”

Mr Norris. December 2002.

“I have just registered with your service, and have been viewing your site for over 8 months now. Firstly congratulations on a very easy, user friendly site, we have looked exhaustively via the internet, and your lisitings are far the most upto date and helpful. ”

Robert and Tracy. August 2002

“Sarah, you have been really helpful and I will definitely recommend your website to other people looking for property in France. You really do have an excellent selection of property. Thanks for your assistance! Best regards, Christina”

Christina August 2002

“The site is excellent. Very easy to use superb in layout and detail.”

S.P. August 2002

“Dear Sarah, I think, in all the excitement, I quite forgot to thank you for all your kind help you gave during the purchase of my house. I am still amazed at the professional and efficenct service that I encountered at every step of the negotiation; especially from Frankie, whom I am still getting help from, with introductions. If you ever escape the smoke, drop by for a drink. Kind Regards, JV”

Mr J.N. V July 2001

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