Specialists in the sale of Châteaux & Fine French Properties since 1989


Established in 1989, Sifex is a specialist property company known for its expertise in handling the sales of prestigious properties throughout France. We have an international client base and are highly regarded for our professionalism, integrity and dedicated bilingual team in the UK. Our extensive portfolio showcases the finest properties, making us the preferred choice for international buyers of exclusive properties.


We are here to help you find the property of your dreams, throughout France.

- Unbiased Intermediary Role: Unlike traditional estate agents who represent sellers, we act as an impartial intermediary, advocating for the buyer's interests to ensure a fair and transparent property buying experience.

- Online Property Portfolio: Buyers can effortlessly browse through our comprehensive website, an extensive online resource showcasing detailed information and imagery of a wide range of luxury properties across France, allowing them to explore potential options thoroughly. Our website is renowned as the go-to destination for prestigious property hunters in France.

Serving as a comprehensive ONE STOP platform, it aggregates listings from multiple agencies into a single, extensive portfolio with new properties integrated daily.

Additionally, by registering on our site and providing detailed criteria, we can offer clients personalized suggestions to further enhance their property search journey. Explore below to learn more about How Sifex works.

- Consultancy Services: We provide a neutral and informed overview of the property market in France, assisting clients to make well-informed decisions throughout the buying process.

- Transparency and Disclosure: We alert potential buyers about any negative features or nuisances affecting a property, maintaining complete transparency in the transaction process.

- Professional Network: We collaborate with established and licenced agents across France, all of whom hold a "carte professionelle," ensuring every transaction is handled with the utmost professionalism and reliability.

- Tailored Itineraries: We organise extensive and complex property viewing itineraries, maximising the efficient use of both our clients' and agents' schedules.


- Initial Discussion: We begin by discussing the clients' project goals and property search criteria in detail, including any prior engagements with other agencies. This allows our team to tailor our services effectively.

- Personalised Property Suggestions: Based on the client's preferences, we can search our entire database for you and introduce suitable properties and provide additional information such as floor plans and renovation requirements, information about the surroundings of the properties and any other additional information that is required.

- Viewing coordination: We arrange and coordinate property viewings, optimising travel routes and providing necessary details like meeting points and agents' contact information.

- Continuous Feedback: Throughout the process we relay the buyer's feedback to the agents of all properties viewed. If required we readjust the search based on refined criteria and assist with negotiations if the client wishes to make an offer.

- Legal Guidance: Our team guides the buyer through the legal process of purchasing a property, coordinating aspects such as what is included in the sale e.g furniture.

- Financial Services: If requested, we can introduce the buyer to our partner currency brokers for competitive exchange rates and assist in connecting with mortgage brokers, tax advisers, and bilingual lawyers.

- Ongoing Communication: We encourage the buyer to keep us informed about any evolving plans, as we may have new properties or exceptional deals to offer, even if not yet listed on our website. Maintaining open communication allows us to present the best opportunities.

We aim to provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire property purchasing journey. Our approach relies on close collaboration with clients, maintaining transparent communication to fully understand their specific needs and timelines. Client cooperation and our team's meticulous understanding of requirements are vital for achieving a successful experience.

Regional Information

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