Specialists in the sale of Châteaux & Fine French Properties since 1989

About us


Established in 1989 Sifex is a specialist property company with an international client base and an excellent reputation for handling the successful sales of numerous prestigious properties throughout France.

Our success is driven by our passion for France and the excellent network of agents throughout France with whom we collaborate as well as our bi-lingual team based here in the UK.

We have a wide and varied portfolio of properties and the majority of vendors of prestigious properties in France are keen to have them listed on the Sifex website.


- Sifex is not an estate agent but rather an unbiased intermediary.
We primarily act for the buyers in everything we do whereas estate agents represent the seller.

- We act as a consultant, providing a neutral and informed overview of the property market in France.

- We regularly alert would-be buyers when we are aware of any negative features or ‘nuisances’ affecting a property.

- We only work with established agents, all of whom hold a ‘carte professionelle’.

- We organise itineraries, often extensive and complex, and we ensure that appointments are realistically scheduled in order to make the best possible use of both the clients’ and the agents’ time.


It is important we know which other agencies the client has contacted. It will be more complicated for Sifex to help with a property search if the client has already been in touch with one of our partner agencies as that particular agency will deem the applicant a direct contact.

Once we have all relevant information, we will introduce the client to the agents whose properties may be of interest and then we can then start researching properties and itineraries.

Below is a resume of how Sifex works with you.

It is important that our clients keep in touch with us concerning their plans, such as subsequent trips as we may have new properties to propose or properties that represent outstanding value. We may also have properties that are not yet listed on the site.

Sifex helps buyers effectively, but success relies on applicant cooperation and developing a good understanding of their requirements and time frame. We are also able to put buyers in touch with mortgage brokers, currency specialists, tax advisers and bi-lingual lawyers if required

Regional Information

France is a large and varied country with each region and indeed each department unique from its neighbours. Our guide to each department can help you to understand more about the nuances of each area.

Our latest listings

We have new properties arriving everyday, here you can see our latest listings to be added to our portfolio.

Buying In France

Read our guide to buying a property in France. The process could be slightly different to your own countries process.