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Pas de Calais

Calais: From History to Leisure

Calais, renowned for Rodin's 'Burghers of Calais' statue, offers more than just a historical touch. From shopping sprees to lunch at the seaside resort of Wimereux, the area is a perfect day trip destination. For golf enthusiasts, nearby Hardelot offers two courses.

Property Highlights

Pas de Calais boasts a range of property options, from chateaux to manor houses, set against the backdrop of its stunning coastline and fertile countryside. Whether you're looking for a seaside retreat or a country estate, this department has something to offer.

Cote d'Opale: The Parisian Getaway

Le Touquet has long been a favourite among Parisians. With over 6 miles of sandy beaches, chic boutiques, and a well-known golf course, it's a year-round resort that exudes elegance.

Historic Towns: St Omer and Montreuil

St Omer's basilica stands as a testament to its medieval past, surrounded by 17th and 18th-century houses. Montreuil, known for its ramparts and first-class Relais and Chateaux hotel, is where Victor Hugo penned part of 'Les Miserables.'

Rural France: Authie, Course, and Canche Valleys

The countryside is dotted with sleepy villages along the Authie, Course, and Canche rivers. This is where life moves at a gentle pace, and sugar beet farming is prevalent.

Architectural Marvels: Arras

Arras, known for its 13th and 14th-century houses, offers a blend of history and architecture. The town's underground passages, excavated from beneath the town, played a significant role during the wars.

Gastronomic Delights

From Hochepot, a thick Flemish soup, to an array of seafood dishes, the region offers a culinary journey. As you move further north, beer becomes the drink of choice over wine.

With its rich history, diverse landscapes, and a variety of property options, Pas de Calais offers a unique blend of experiences. Contact us for more information on available properties in this captivating department.

Regional Information

France is a large and varied country with each region and indeed each department unique from its neighbours. Our guide to each department can help you to understand more about the nuances of each area.

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