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Equestrian Paradise: Haras du Pin

Located in the southern part of Normandy, Orne is a haven for horse enthusiasts. The department is renowned for its studs, particularly the national stud, Haras du Pin near Argentan. Often referred to as the 'Versailles of the Horse World,' it has even been visited by Queen Elizabeth. Argentan itself is rich in history, featuring 15th-century churches, an ancient castle, and a 14th-century chapel.

Property Highlights

Orne offers a variety of historic properties, including chateaux and manor houses, set amidst its picturesque forests and meadows. Whether you're interested in equestrian properties or historic estates, Orne has something to offer.

Culinary Delights: Vimoutiers and Camembert

In the heart of the Pays d'Auge, Vimoutiers hosts annual Easter and Apple Fairs. Just 5 km away is Camembert, the birthplace of the famous cheese, making the area a gastronomic delight alongside its renowned calvados.

Historic Sites: Domfront and Bagnoles de l'Orne

Domfront, the birthplace of Eleanor of Aquitaine, boasts cobbled streets, half-timbered houses, and an 11th-century watchtower. Bagnoles de l'Orne, a 19th-century thermal resort, retains its Belle Époque charm with a lake, casino, and Grand Hotel.

Charming Towns: Bellome and Montagne au Perche

Bellome, set high in the Perche forest, features narrow streets lined with 17th and 18th-century houses. Montagne au Perche, once the area's capital, is known for its 16th-century hospital cloister and a covered marketplace famous for its sausage fair.

Cultural Heritage: Alencon

Alencon, the main town of the department, was once Europe's lace capital and still maintains a lace school. The town is also home to gothic churches like Notre-Dame and Saint Leonard, as well as many historic houses.

From equestrian activities to gastronomic delights and historic properties, Orne offers a rich and diverse experience. Contact us for more information on available chateaux and manor houses in this charming department.

Regional Information

France is a large and varied country with each region and indeed each department unique from its neighbours. Our guide to each department can help you to understand more about the nuances of each area.

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