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Located in the Grand Est region of France, Marne is a department steeped in history and culture, most notably as the birthplace of the world-renowned Champagne.

Champagne and Vineyards

Marne is the heartland of the Champagne wine region, with the city of Reims often considered its capital. The unique terroir and climate contribute to the distinct quality of Champagne produced here. The area is dotted with prestigious Champagne houses and vineyards, making it a must-visit for wine enthusiasts.

Historical Significance

The department is steeped in history, from the Gothic cathedrals in Reims to the battlefields of World War I. Architecturally, Marne features a mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles, evident in its historic churches and chateaux.

Culinary Delights

Marne's gastronomy is as rich as its wine culture. Local specialities include Biscuit Rose de Reims, a pink biscuit often enjoyed with Champagne, and various artisanal cheeses.


The nearest airport to Marne is the Châlons Vatry Airport, providing easy access to various European destinations.

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Regional Information

France is a large and varied country with each region and indeed each department unique from its neighbours. Our guide to each department can help you to understand more about the nuances of each area.

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