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Maine et Loire

Architectural and Historical Heritage

Maine et Loire boasts an extensive and diverse architectural heritage. From Neolithic burial chambers in Bagneux to Gallo-Roman amphitheatres in Gennes, the department is a living museum of history. The Dolmen de la Madeleine is one of the largest dolmens in France, and the troglodyte caves offer a unique glimpse into 15th-century life.

Culinary and Wine Culture

The department is renowned for its local wines, which have evolved from predominantly white to more red varieties. The sparkling brut Saumur, known as 'Cremant de Loire,' is a celebratory favourite. The region is also famous for its 'Pate aux Prunes,' a delicious plum pastry.

Chateaux and Estates

From the fairy-tale 14th-century Chateau in Saumur to the elegant 18th-century Chateau de Montgeoffroy, Maine et Loire is a treasure trove of beautiful estates. Each chateau has its own unique history and architectural style, making them must-visit sites for anyone interested in French history.

Equestrian Excellence

The National Riding School at St-Hilaire-St-Florent and the Lion-d'Angers National Stud are renowned in the equestrian world. The Cadre Noir team, famous for their elegant uniforms, is a highlight of the National Riding School.

Natural Beauty and Wildlife

The Basses Vallees Angevines is a haven for birdwatchers, home to thousands of migrating birds. The area is particularly known for its rare species such as the corncrake, snipe, and golden plover.

Angers: The Capital

Angers, the departmental capital, was once the heart of the Plantagenet empire. The city is home to the 13th-century Chateau, which houses the 14th-century Apocalypse Tapestries. The Musee Jean Lureat features modern tapestries that cover events from the Holocaust to the space age.


The nearest airport to Maine et Loire is Nantes Atlantique Airport, which is approximately 90 minutes away by car. The department is also well-connected by train and road networks, making it easily accessible.

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