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Located in the western part of France, Loire-Atlantique is a department that was originally part of the historic Duchy of Brittany. Today, it retains much of its Breton heritage, from the golden beaches of La Baule and Pornic to its ancient prehistoric sites. The Presqu'île Guérandaise is renowned for its expansive salt marshes, which produce an impressive 12,000 tons of sea salt each season. Seafood is a staple here, with delicacies like scallops from Croisic and mussels and sardines from La Turballe gracing local menus.

Culinary Heritage

Loire-Atlantique is a gastronomic delight, offering an array of seafood options. Whether it's the traditional "baker's dozen" of sardines from La Turballe or the succulent scallops from Croisic, the region's culinary offerings are best enjoyed with a glass of local Muscadet or Gros-Plant wine.

Vineyards and Wine Routes

The department is home to sprawling vineyards that produce a significant amount of Muscadet wine. With a history of viticulture dating back to the 16th century, the region offers numerous opportunities to explore wine cellars and dine in style along its scenic wine routes.

Historical and Cultural Landmarks

Nantes, once the capital of Brittany, is now a major French port and a hub of historical and cultural significance. From the 18th-century architecture around the Île Feydeau to the Theatre Graslin and Passage Pommeraye, the city is a testament to its rich past. It is also the birthplace of famed writer Jules Verne, commemorated by a dedicated museum.

Architectural Heritage

The department boasts a variety of architectural styles, from the military architecture of the Château at Clisson to the Italianate influences seen in the many arched structures along the Sèvre River. The region's real estate market offers a mix of historic estates and modern homes, making it an attractive option for property investors.


Loire-Atlantique is well-connected by road and public transport, offering easy access to its diverse landscapes and cultural landmarks. The nearest airport is Nantes Atlantique Airport, providing convenient travel options to and from the department.

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