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Haute Garonne

Haute Garonne, crowned by its vibrant capital Toulouse, offers a blend of cultural richness and luxurious living. Known as the city of 'brique rose,' Toulouse is a hub of aeronautical brilliance, thanks to the esteemed Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace.

Activities and Attractions

From the grand Place du Capitole to the awe-inspiring Cathedral of St Sernin, Toulouse is a treasure trove of architectural wonders. The city's weekly market is a feast for the senses, offering an array of local produce and artisanal crafts.

Culinary Delights

Toulouse boasts an array of world-class dining establishments, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The region is also home to delightful vineyards, offering exquisite wines that are yet to be discovered by the masses.

Historic Towns

The Dominican monastery, housing relics of Saint Thomas Aquinas, is a marvel of Gothic art. The region is also dotted with luxurious chateaux and manoirs, many of which are available for purchase.


Toulouse is well-connected, with Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport just a short drive away. The city also enjoys excellent rail connectivity, making it a convenient destination for both domestic and international travellers.

Architectural Property Style

Haute Garonne is renowned for its luxurious countryside properties, ranging from elegant chateaux to charming manoirs and expansive vineyards. These properties offer a unique blend of traditional architecture and modern amenities.

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