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Allier, located in central France within the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, is an ideal destination for those interested in French chateaux and rich history. Known for its lush landscapes and outdoor activities, the area offers a variety of rivers and forests that are perfect for nature enthusiasts.

Geography and Nature

From rolling hills to fertile valleys and dense forests, Allier is a diverse land that's home to several of France's major rivers, including the Loire, Cher, and Allier itself. The Foret de Troncais, a sprawling hardwood forest, is a sanctuary for wildlife such as deer and wild boar. For those looking for adventure, the Sioule river gorges offer excellent opportunities for canoeing and sports fishing.

Historical Significance

This is the historical land of the Bourbonnais, once ruled by the Bourbon kings. With over 500 castles, some of which are unique French chateaux for sale, the region is a testament to its rich past. Moulins, the capital, is a charming town with a flamboyant Gothic cathedral that houses an array of historical artefacts. Montluçon is another key city, known for its medieval architecture and vibrant festivals.

Local Cuisine

The local gastronomy is as diverse as the landscape. From Pate aux pommes de terre, a local dish, to freshwater fish like grayling, the culinary offerings are abundant. The region is also known for its Saint-Pourçain AOC wine.

Accessibility and Notable Towns

The main cities include Moulins, known for its 15th-century architecture, and Montluçon, a medieval city with a festive atmosphere. Vichy, a renowned spa town, is another highlight. The nearest airports are in Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand, making the region easily accessible for both domestic and international travellers.

Regional Information

France is a large and varied country with each region and indeed each department unique from its neighbours. Our guide to each department can help you to understand more about the nuances of each area.

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