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Located at the westernmost tip of France, Finistère is a department steeped in maritime traditions and rich history. Known for its rugged coastline and ancient landmarks, it offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural significance.

Historical Highlights

Finistère has been a focal point of various historical events, from invasions by Romans and Normans to fortifications by Vauban. The department is home to several ancient structures, including the polygonal tower at Camaret and the fort at Roscanvel.

Maritime Heritage

The department is renowned for its natural harbour and naval base in Brest, as well as the Oceanopolis theme park. The Pays d'Iroise, guarded by the lighthouse on Pointe Saint-Mathieu, is a must-visit for maritime enthusiasts.

Scenic Splendour

From the long sandy beaches in the north to the tranquil valleys and peat bogs inland, Finistère offers a diverse range of landscapes. The Armoric National Park is a haven for flora and fauna, some of which date back to the end of the Ice Age.

Luxury Estates

Finistère is known for its luxury estates, particularly chateaux that offer a blend of historical richness and modern amenities. These properties are often set against the backdrop of the department's stunning landscapes.

Culinary Delights

The department is famous for its local produce, including vegetables nurtured by the Gulf Stream. The offshore Island of Batz is particularly known for its unique vegetation.


Finistère is well-connected by road and rail, making it easily accessible from various parts of France. The department also benefits from its proximity to regional airports, offering convenience for both domestic and international travellers.

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