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Eure et Loir

Located in the Centre-Val de Loire region, Eure et Loir is a department steeped in history and natural beauty. It offers a diverse range of property types, from charming country houses to historic estates.

Historical and Cultural Significance

The department is renowned for its historical landmarks, such as the Chartres Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. The cathedral's spires are a dominant feature in the landscape, visible from miles around.

Property Types

Eure et Loir offers a variety of property types to suit different preferences. The department is particularly known for its historic estates and charming country houses, making it an ideal destination for those interested in properties with a touch of history.

Local Specialities

The region is rich in local produce, including a variety of cheeses and wines. The culinary scene is a blend of traditional French cuisine and local flavours, adding to the department's appeal.


The Eure et Loir department's location offers the advantage of tranquillity without sacrificing convenience and is well-connected by road.

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Regional Information

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