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Located in the heart of France, Cher is a blend of rich history, stunning architecture, and natural beauty. This department is part of the ancient territory of Berry and offers a diverse landscape that includes the Sologne forests, the Champagne Berrichonne agricultural region, and the prestigious vineyards of Sancerre.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities

Cher is a nature lover's paradise, featuring diverse landscapes from marshy forests to fertile agricultural lands. The river valleys of the Loire and Cher add to the scenic beauty, making it a perfect destination for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and boating.

Heritage and Architectural Style

The department is rich in architectural heritage, most notably in its capital, Bourges. The Cathedral of St Etienne stands as a magnificent example of Gothic architecture and is renowned for its carved doorways and 13th-century stained glass windows. The town also features well-preserved medieval quarters and the historic Palais Jacques Coeur.

Property Types in Cher

Chateaux: Cher is home to an impressive array of castles, ranging from medieval fortresses to elegant 19th-century estates. These grand properties often come with expansive grounds, historical features, and the opportunity to own a piece of French history.

Historical Homes: In addition to châteaux, Cher offers a variety of historical homes that span different architectural periods. These properties often feature original fireplaces, exposed beams, and stone walls.

Rural Estates: The department's agricultural landscape makes it a prime location for rural estates and farmhouses, often accompanied by large plots of land suitable for farming or leisure.

Modern Residences: For those interested in contemporary living, the city of Bourges and other urban areas in Cher offer modern residences equipped with all the conveniences of today.

Culinary Delights and Local Products

Cher is a gastronomic delight, known for its excellent Sauvignon wines from Sancerre. The region's fertile lands also produce high-quality cattle, contributing to its culinary richness.


The main airport serving the Cher department is Bourges Airport, providing convenient travel options for both domestic and international visitors. Its central location makes the department easily accessible, offering a seamless experience for those interested in exploring or investing in the region.

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Regional Information

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