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Located in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, Charente is a haven for those seeking a blend of cultural richness and natural beauty. Known globally for its Cognac production, the area offers more than just spirited indulgence. From the historic town of Cognac to the scenic Charente River, the department is a mosaic of picturesque landscapes, medieval architecture, and, of course, exquisite properties.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities

Charente is a paradise for nature lovers. Its lush, green landscapes are a result of the Atlantic influence, yet the area enjoys a sunny and temperate climate. The Charente River is a haven for boating enthusiasts, offering 147 kms of navigable waterways, while the numerous lakes and ponds provide ample opportunities for fishing, be it for trout or carp.

Heritage and Architectural Style

The architectural grandeur of Charente is awe-inspiring, featuring a plethora of Romanesque churches, medieval castles, and charming half-timbered buildings. Landmarks like the Chateau de Rochefoucauld and the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre in Angouleme stand as testaments to the area's rich architectural heritage. The department is also home to nearly 400 Romanesque churches and over 160 listed monuments, making it a dream destination for history buffs.

Property Types in Charente

Chateaux: For those looking to invest in a piece of history, Charente offers a range of historical châteaux, including the Chateau de Rochefoucauld and others that date back to the Gallo-Roman period. These grand structures provide a unique blend of historical significance and modern comfort.

Stone Properties: The department is renowned for its traditional Charentaise houses, built with beautiful pale stone. These properties often come with spacious gardens and are set in idyllic locations that enjoy a warm microclimate.

Logis: These are large, usually stone-built homes with historical significance. They often feature large fireplaces, wooden beams, and sometimes even turrets or towers.

Farmhouses: For those interested in more rustic settings, traditional farmhouses offer large plots of land, ideal for those looking to engage in local agriculture or simply enjoy a spacious rural setting.

Modern Villas: If contemporary architecture is more your style, Charente also offers modern villas equipped with all the amenities you would expect for comfortable living.

Culinary Delights and Local Products

Charente is a gastronomic paradise. Beyond its world-famous Cognac and Pineau de Charente aperitif, the region offers a rich culinary landscape that includes Charentais Melons, local terrines, and a variety of wines such as Sauvignon, Saumur, and Haut Poitou Sauvignon. The farms are abundant producers of asparagus, beef, duck, and vegetables, adding to the area's culinary richness.


Accessibility is a breeze, with Bordeaux and Limoges airports offering budget-friendly flights. The department's strategic location and popularity among English-speaking retirees make it an even more appealing destination for property investment in Charente.

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