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French Private Property for sale with Sifex Ltd

If you feel that you would prefer to find your property or sell your house without the services of an estate agent, then the Sifex Private Sales website is designed with you in mind.

The vendors who place their advertisements on this site are mainly owner occupiers who are able to conduct viewings to fit in with the timescales of potential purchasers. Negotiations take place purely between the vendor and the prospective purchaser apart, of course, from the eventual intervention of a ‘notaire’ to formalise the sale and perform the necessary conveyancing.

It is important to note that the involvement of a notaire is mandatory in the transfer of property in France. They are public officers who act on behalf of the state and are appointed by the Minister of Justice. Their fees are strictly regulated and equate to conveyancing and stamp duty. The charges are usually in the range of 6-7% of which only a small proportion is the actual notaire's fee and the balance is government taxes. It is always wise to enquire at the outset what the likely costs will be. When a loan is involved, a fee of 1% is applied for registering the mortgage with the 'Bureau des Hypothèques’.

The Private Sales site appeals to those sufficiently confident to buy privately without the assistance of either local agents or introducing agents. Please note that Sifex takes no responsibility for the content of the advertisements placed on the Private Sales website. These are entirely at the discretion of the advertisers who have paid to advertise and have provided the information displayed in their listing.

If you wish to view a property listed on this section of the site, you must contact the vendors directly using the contact details posted on their advertisement. To view properties on the Sifex Private Sales site click here.