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French Property for Sale with Sifex

If you are looking to buy a French property but do not know precisely where you want to be or the type of house you wish to buy and you want to get an idea of what is available - the Search Site facility on the Home page will help you. This search enables you to select properties by region or department, price range, number of bedrooms and hectares as well as condition and situation. ‘Special features' fields allow you to select one or two from a list e.g. pool, sea view, tennis court, outbuildings, stables etc.

Whilst specific property types are featured in the other three portfolio sections, Search Site, as its name suggests, features all the properties currently listed on the website. In addition there are a number of properties that are in our ‘confidential portfolio’, which do not appear on the website but which we are able to send out if they match a registered applicant’s criteria, provided we have the necessary information as to your requirements in the first place.

We have an extensive network of partner agents in France and we only work with licensed French agents or 'immobiliers' who hold a 'carte professionelle'. We operate on a shared commission basis with them, therefore, using the services provided by Sifex incurs no additional costs for the purchaser. In order for our collaboration with them to be successful, it is very important for us to be able to discuss your requirements on the telephone at the start of this process and identify clearly your criteria, in order to ensure that your time spent in France is productive.

We are experienced in making appointments and organizing itineraries for our applicants, ensuring that their schedule is realistic given the distances frequently involved. We do our very best to avoid the frustrations of wasted trips to unsuitable properties, and share information on any ‘blights’ that may exist where we are aware of them. We are able to offer an unbiased overview of what is available, give you advice on the buying process, suggest which areas are most likely to satisfy your requirements, as well as arranging viewing trips with a number of different agencies in France - all at no extra cost.

When we reach the stage of booking appointments it is vital that you give us your mobile phone number as we will need to give this to the agents you are seeing, as frequently meetings take place in rural locations so a mobile is essential in case of delays/changes to plans or if you are lost. Please be sure to notify us of any changes to your email address so we do not lose touch with you.

The information you supply us with will remain confidential between Sifex and our colleagues in France. Our agents are taking on properties all the time and it may very well be that a house on their books that they have not yet sent us matches your requirements perfectly. Unless we have been able to share detailed information on your criteria, they may not mention it. It really is time well spent to keep us informed as your plans formulate, to ensure you benefit from the very latest information on what is available.

Please be aware that French estate agents are loath to reveal the precise location of properties. Revealing Google Earth coordinates is also unusual. Occasionally agents may agree to do this, subject to a confidentiality agreement being signed or engagement de confidentialité, in which it is acknowledged that they have disclosed this information. Agents are required by the vendors to know the identity of interested purchasers and their circumstances and to accompany them on viewings. Agents will occasionally give an indication of where the property is if we ask, provided we have already got the full contact details and criteria of the person who is enquiring and have registered their interest with them.

When you are booking a trip it is important for us to be aware of your departure date, how you are travelling and to which airport or destination. We also need to know how we can contact you when you are in France, i.e. whether you will have access to emails on a smartphone or only in internet cafés or hotels, and your mobile phone number and whether it is set up to take messages in France. It is also very helpful to know where you will be based and when you plan to leave and from which port or airport. Should the ideal property suddenly become available whilst you are travelling it would seem a shame not to be able to tell you about it!

We recommend that you read our section on ‘Buying’, and ‘About us’ which also outlines how we work. Contact us on email: or telephone us on +44 (0)207 384 1200. Our office hours are 09.00 - 18.00 GMT Monday – Friday. If you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.