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French Chateaux for sale and information on buying a Chateau in France

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French chateaux for sale -Vienne
Beautiful XVI/XIXth C. Chateau in Vienne sold by Sifex - for retirement/permanent home

With an extensive portfolio of French Chateaux for sale and many years' experience in handling the sales of these unique and historic buildings, Sifex is well equipped to assist those for whom the dream of owning a Castle in France is set to become a reality. Our portfolio is updated daily and we are constantly searching to expand our range of Chateaux to satisfy the demands of the many requests we currently have for these fascinating properties.
Chateaux for sale in France - Arieg
Fine XVIII/ XIXth C. Chateau with existing commercial enterprise in Ariege. Sold by Sifex Ltd

France has a wealth of beautiful Chateaux for sale and in many instances, their prices make them eminently attainable. The advent of the internet and worldwide interest in the French Chateau market, buyers now come from all corners of the globe. This international interest has seen prices of Chateaux and property in general in the South West rise in a way hitherto unknown in France. In order to continue to satisfy the demands of those still seeking a relatively inexpensive piece of history or 'family seat', it has been necessary to expand into the lesser known departments in the Massif Centrale where the prices of Chateaux for sale are still comparatively reasonable whilst the countryside offers many of the benefits that people wishing to leave overcrowded urban areas in particular are seeking. The increase in prices throughout the Midi and the South of France has stimulated interest in other departments where prices are not yet quite so high. The Limousin in particular has attracted considerable interest as has the Auvergne, with the arrival of the vast new Viaduct at Millau facilitating the journey to the Mediterranean from central France.

French chateau in foothills of Pyrenees
Fairytale Chateau in foothills of Pyrenees
Sold by Sifex Ltd

With the network of efficient and well established French agents with whom we work, we place great emphasis on being able to offer the maximum information possible on the Chateaux on our books. Floor plans are not always available, but we are always happy to request any additional information that may be available for interested parties. The French have a wonderful phrase to describe the unblighted properties on their books. It is 'pas de nuisance'. If you are contemplating the purchase of an imposing Chateau, of course you don't want to hear a TGV rush by, or listen to the buzz of an autoroute in the valley, nor do you want your view to be of a gravel quarry or even worse, a 'chateau d'eau' or water tower. It pays to stay with an agent you can trust who will ensure you don't travel for many miles for a fruitless trip to a property where there is a 'nuisance' which immediately renders the property of no interest to you.

mposing XIXth Century Château in Tarn et Garonne.
Imposing XIXth Century Chateau in Tarn et Garonne.
Sold for commercial use - by Sifex Ltd

From the structural point of view, it is as well to bear in mind the costs of renovating a substantial property as these of course can be considerable. As a benchmark our agents advise that you could consider spending anything between 600 and 1,500 Euros per square metre (the latter if it is a total rebuild) to renovate a ruin. If the property is merely in need of internal modernisation and refurbishment (for example kitchens, bathrooms and heating for instance) you can generally halve this figure. It is of course extremely advantageous to find a property where the roof has been well maintained especially if the area of the roof is vast!
Chateau in France for Sale - Allier
Pretty Chateau in the Allier to restore
In the case of listed or 'classé' properties a grant for renovation may apply. If the "Batiments de France' agree to this, they will insist upon you using their recommended architects and expert craftsmen who are normally slightly more expensive but as the grants help with the financial outlay, the quality of the work is merited to maintain these historic buildings, whether it be the façade of the main house, some wood panelling or perhaps just the Chapel that is involved. If a property or part of it is likely to be eligible for 'listing', the process is likely to take about six months. At the same time it is as well to be careful not to over invest in a property to the point where you could never expect to recoup the value of your investment were you ever to decide to sell. Buyer should always be wary of over-investing in somebody else's fantasies!

Stunning French Chateau in Aude
Stunning Chateau in Aude - sold for permanent
residence by Sifex Ltd

Another advantage when purchasing a sizeable property in France is that the taxes are much less punitive than in the U.K. Local taxes are pretty low even for Chateaux. The Taxe Foncière is a tax on the land and such facilities as swimming pools and the general comfort level of the property and is paid by the owner whereas the Taxe D'Habitation is paid by the occupier whether it be a tenant or the owner. These taxes are frequently almost identical amounts. Running costs do not vary greatly from those of normal houses. One agent said that she employs a cleaner for precisely the same number of hours for her present home as she did when she lived in a Chateau. Another useful tip, provided there is suitable accommodation, is to install a caretaker who will often be happy to live rent free in return for caretaking the house and tending the garden and grounds. There is plenty of demand for this type of position.

Stunning Chateau in Aude in the Gers
Elegant classical Chateau in the Gers Originally sold by Sifex
Finally regarding insurance, there are specialist brokers in France who use a French subsidiary of an English company specialised in the insurance of large French properties. These policies give the sort of cover that large home owners expect with additional extras such as worldwide jewellery cover, baggage, golf clubs etc. We recommend that you read our section on buying a property in France which can be found under Contact/Buying

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